Advantages of Log Homes

ресторант от дървени трупи

There are many advantages in living in a log home this is why they are popular all over the world – America (both Canada and USA), Europe, Asia and Africa. During the years building practices have been improved and mastered. Today we have good knowledge for timber qualities which help us use its strength and make us more confident in the advantages of building with logs.

According to resent study for European homes, particularly Scandinavian ones, 80-90% of houses are wooded. This is good proof for the advantages of log homes. The main reasons for this are stated below.

  1. Natural and Renewable Source

Trees are natural and renewable source with excellent qualities. It’s ecological building material which doesn’t have negative effects on one’s health. Another advantage of building with natural materials is the reduced waste compare to other construction methods.

We obtain the best available timber on local market as we aim to have excellent logs quality. In order to meet special customers’ requirements we import Douglas Fir from France which is additional option to achieve high performance.

  1. Durability

Trees are a part of nature and as such are built to withstand storms, hurricanes, high winds, heavy snowfalls and other potential dangerous natural events. There are countless examples of log homes successfully weathering the worst weather.

  1. Long Lasting Structure

There are log buildings in Europe date back more than 800 years. A log constructed church in Russia is reported more than 1700 years old.

If you take a good care for your log home it can be used for 150-200 years. The process of looking after it is even more simple than the brick house. Logs are affected by sun, rain and temperature fluctuation. Due to this it is recommended to repaint from the outside every 5 years while inner walls required a repaint only after 10-12 years.

We also used the best available substances and natural chemicals for maximum protection against fungi and insects.

  1. Energy Efficient

Log homes are 30 % more efficient that other building. You don’t need a complicate heating system as the timber itself provides good thermo insulation. Timber doesn’t cool down quickly at low temperatures as other construction materials do. A log wall of 20-26 cm diameters features a very low warmth circulation. The same can be achieve with 1.2 metres thick brick wall.

Timber walls accumulate warmth and distribute it evenly in the inside space. Log homes get warm quickly while it takes a relatively long time for them to cool down. This is why they are comfortable in all seasons.

In order to provide maximum energy efficiency we used special design gaskets between the logs. The gaskets are custom made in Germany especially for the need of our log homes.

  1. Ventilation

Ventilation occurs naturally through the timber walls. You can never have dry or stuffy air in log houses which is normal for brick houses. During heavy rains there’s no excess of moisture inside. If the level of moisture increases, timber absorbs its excess. When air become too dry , the moisture is given back. Log houses just “breath” naturally and thus keep humidity between 40-60%.

  1. Craftsmanship

Handcrafted log homes create warmth, unique features and are full of small details. All this is due to the care and manual works done with every single log in order to create perfect home. You can be the designer of your home and make it cozy and comfortable to meet your needs. Perfectly placed logs give you safety and comfort while adding character and design that is a unique to every log home.

  1. Minimize Risks of Allergic Reactions

Electrostatic timber quality ensures that no static electricity accumulates inside the log home which prevents dust movements and thus minimize risk of allergies.

  1. Other health benefits

According to resent research the natural colour of the pine and timber in general, reduces heart rate, improves concentration and sleep quality. Don’t forget the excellent sound proofing that timber has.

  1. Natural shape that fit into the land

Log houses and buildings naturally integrate into landscape and make the place charming.

Log buildings are becoming more and more popular due to natural material used and high building standards. This can only increase the value of your property.

Contact us to discuss your ideas, plans and requirements. We will build your dream log home