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We have been building log homes, restaurants and cabins for ages!

Strakov Log Homes has been a leader in the handcrafted log home industry for years, manufacturing a quality log homes and offering excellent services.Building over the years has given us great insight in perfecting our homes.
By combining extraordinary design with authentic log and timber constructions, we have distinguished ourselves from other log home manufacturers and custom home builders.
Our custom log homes demonstrate perfection and diversity of size, style and budget.

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Кои са трите вида най-разпространени дървени конструкции?

Строителството с дървен материал в различни форми е започнало преди векове. Използването на трупи е често срещана техника  в скандинавските  и  прибалтийските страни, както и в Русия. Строителството с този …